Work environment
At Phu Si JSC, we try to create the work environment where employees can contribute, improve their skills and work in harmony. We offer opportunities to work with many experienced experts spanning a range of professional disciplines. The projects we have completed reflect the demand of skills, self-improvement and responsibilities in our candidates.
Company culture
We always place an emphasis on traditional values and work-life balance. In addition, we do value every little feedback for review and improvement. Every employee in the company is expected to treat each other with respect, caring and sharing, so that both employees and Phu Si can grow concurrently.
Rewards & benefits
All official employees at Phu Si JSC are entitled to social insurance, medical insurance, overtime subsidy... in accordance with the Labour Law. Moreover, we have reward policies such as Best of Year Team / Employee Awards to boost work spirit and performance as well as bonuses for New Year and other national anniversaries.
The Board of Directors always care about the well-being of their employees. Therefore, the Union regularly organizes various bonding activities such as dinner gatherings, karaoke contests and sports tournaments including soccer, tennis, table tennis, badminton, etc. By doing so, the Union promotes a strong and supportive relationship among members of the company.

● Cover letter
● Resumé
● A copy of ID card
● A copy of Family register
● Medical report
● All relevant documents, transcripts, certificates...

Kindly send your documents to our office. We will contact you shortly for interview after the screening process.

  • Contact Mr. Tuan - HR Department
  • 091 397 2583